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Open-air art workshop.

One, Three or four day training programs.

After nature in the heart of the old village of Angles, a calm and enchanting place located on the other bank of the Rhône opposite Avignon, is transformed for this occasion into an open-air art workshop.
Many internationally renowned painters such as Derain, Chabaud and Montagné set up their easels in this attractive location.
Download the one day program here:

Download the 3 days program here:

About the workshop

Our passionate teacher will help you discover current plastic possibilities by creating quick sketches with a dry brush.
Serge likes to use drawing techniques with pencil, chalk, charcoal, pastel and water (gouache, acrylic, watercolor, ink).
You restore the atmosphere of the place with color, light, reflection effects, the brightness of the sky, and the beauty of detail.
Sensory observation work will allow you to rediscover the creativity that each person carries within them in a personal, visual and instinctive approach allowing beginners to obtain surprising results.

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