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Art therapy by Emilie

Five-day workshop.

Art therapy is a way to overcome personal problems, to look at yourself and the world differently, to manage your emotions and to take care of the being that you are.

About the workshop

Artistic creation is an experience of discovery, of exploration with the material, and also with

yourself through various stimuli offered. 

The creative process leads us towards a

deeper self-knowledge and makes us more alive. 

The experience is gentle, slow, and discreet.
The importance lies in the process of expression and not in the rendering.
Aesthetics have little or no importance.

Something is accomplished the moment the person creates.
She starts moving.

By creating, she also allows herself to be recreated. 

Joy then often becomes his companion. 

The person takes shape and gradually anchors himself in reality.

Download the workshop brochure here.

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