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Meet your teachers

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Holder of a master's degree in conservation from the Condé school in Paris, heritage specializing in painting, Gladys is certainly passionate about art and history.  Independent workshop and fine arts academy teacher, Gladys also works on various restoration projects for paintings classified as historic monuments in the PACA region.  From her experiences as a painting and drawing teacher in different associations, Gladys was able to create for you a seven-day training program in a "superb location" workshop as well as outdoors, specifically for the Académie Paul Cezanne. In addition to painting lessons, it also offers an introduction to Provençal painters and their techniques.  Your brushstrokes will no longer have any secrets.  We are happy to count her among our passionate and talented artists, always in the spirit of sharing that drives us.


Her palette is colorful, and his paintings express his emotions. Émilie draws her colorful moments with her heart.

French artist-painter from Ardèche, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Émilie practices, studies and explores the immense possibilities of watercolor, acrylic and pastel techniques based on the concept of our memory.
The artist is also passionate about hiking and photography, which has inspired and fueled her colorful creations.
It is the novelty and improvisation in the artistic creation of these magnificent natural places that fascinates her, arouses her emotions and inspires her the most.
The play of light and shadow, the superposition of materials and colors create textures that she possesses intuitively.
Seeking to transmit poetic visions of moments and contact with nature, as well as to transmit an emotion, a smell, a feeling or a memory, she lets herself be dictated by her instincts, her freedom of movement and the sweet surprises that reveal these mediums.


After working for two years in the fine arts of Besançon, her hometown, Marlène followed the traditional path that many women choose one day: marriage, children and family. Very artistic and passionate, life took another path: she began teaching in various associations organizing exhibitions in the region and in 2001 Marlène opened her own workshop in the charming village of Valbonne.  After practicing all the techniques: watercolors, oils, acrylics... she trains young students to help them prepare for art schools. Not too inclined to the academic side, Marlène likes to give everyone the choice to explore their own technique and to support them. Marlène will teach you to discover your inner moon in a magical place surrounded by olive trees.  A great life opportunity awaits you.


A visual artist who graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Serge taught for many years in art schools, at the Ministry of National Education as well as in various workshops.
Also director of the Center for Information and Promotion of Visual Arts (C.I.P.A.P) and Galerie 17 in Paris.
Currently a drawing teacher at the Ateliers des Beaux-Arts d'Avignon as well as at the Académie Paul Cézanne where he directs our open-air workshops that we are happy and proud to offer you.

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