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Secret of the paintings by Gladys

Five-day training program.

Join me in Marignane, where we will discover the beauty of the southeast, the enchanting fairy tales and historic architecture of the region that make this place so unique.
I designed this workshop to give you confidence in drawing wherever you are.
I'll show you how to keep your watercolor sketches loose, fresh and vibrant.
I'll share my techniques for capturing the beauty around us, so you can savor it for years to come.

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About the workshop

From her experiences as a painting and drawing teacher in different associations, Gladys was able to create for you a five-day training program in a “superb location” workshop as well as outdoors, specifically for the Paul Cézanne Academy. In addition to painting lessons, it also offers an introduction to Provençal painters and their techniques.  Your brushstrokes will no longer have any secrets.  We are happy to count her among our passionate and talented artists, always in the spirit of sharing that drives us.

Download the workshop brochure here

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