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The Founders

The founders of the Académie Paul Cézanne, two French women Chantal and Patricia, expatriates in the United States, responded to the call of their first love, the South of France. Always bathed in a fervent passion for art and captivated by the natural beauty of the region which inspired them so much. Art lovers since childhood, Patricia, a disciple of the fine arts, and Chantal, a fan of photography. 

After years abroad, they chose to return to live in France, driven by the desire to share their unwavering love for the art and nature of the PACA region.


Provence irresistibly attracts them, with its grandiose landscapes and its prodigious artistic heritage, these emblematic places, true sources of inspiration, once captivated by the great masters such as Cézanne, Van Gogh, Matisse, Renoir, Picasso, these immortals who shaped forever art history.

By giving life to this noble institution dedicated to artistic education, Chantal and Patricia materialize their ultimate dream: to share and transmit their passion for art and Provençal nature.
Their goal ? Offer their students an unparalleled learning environment, tailor-made, where they will be able to freely express and develop all their artistic potential, drawing their inspiration from the culture and enchanting landscape of Provence.

Drawing on their experience in the field of the arts and driven by a deep love for this exquisite universe, they kindly guide their students along the paths of their artistic journey, thus helping them to reach their creative fullness.

What happiness!

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